In a field based on exploring and expressing new viewpoints and different ideas, the publishing industry depends upon the rich and varied backgrounds of the people who work within it.

I need people of all genders, and races and cultures to be involved in publishing? It is one of the major vertebrae in the spine of American culture, which in turn is the spine of the world’s culture.

Walter Mosley, author, Devil in a Blue Dress (the Easy Rawlins mystery series) and Fortunate Son

Publishing gives you an opportunity to pull together the great ideas of our times and put them down for the future. The words can shape how people think?it gives them a mirror for reflecting on the times that they are going through

Amy Tan, author, The Kitchen God’s Wife, The Joy Luck Club

The shock of self recognition for people who’ve been, for a long time, denied self recognition in so many ways?can be overwhelming. For you writers out there, we’re desperate for your voice

Junot Diaz, author, Drown and Negocios

The power of the written word is so great, it is the power of liberation.

Maya Angelou, author, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and A Song Flurig Up to Heaven, Nobel prize winner

To expand the breadth and depth of ideas in publishing and to bring these ideas to the broadest possible audiences, publishers look to attract and develop a diverse workforce—one that includes individuals from every race, ethnic background, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, religion, gender, political affiliation, family status and sexual preference.

For self expression and artistic creativity to truly thrive, the publishing industry strives to constantly inject fresh talent into every facet of the business—embracing inclusivity for its own merits, but also for the benefit of each publishing endeavor, its staff, and potential readers around the world.

More than just a special initiative, a commitment to diversity is an integral part of the business of books, for it taps into the wealth of perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints that propel a successful publishing enterprise—and a healthy society.