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Internship Detail

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Description: Interns will proofread and edit one or more books over the course of a 4-months period. The number of projects an intern will receive depends on the number of accepted books that need editing. The books can be in any genre, from education to poetry. The length of these books varies from 10,000 words to over 150,000 words. You will have a month to spend on any of these books. The number of hours you spend on the edit is entirely up to you, as long as you submit the work by the end of the month. This internship should not be done for credit because in a slow semester, you might not receive a single editing project. Interns receive an "editor" credit in the book, if the author approves your suggestions. This is a volunteer position, which should be done to gain editing experience. You might also be asked to help with marketing or other tasks, if it's a slow semester otherwise. You should be flexible with the start and end dates as these depend on when projects come in that need editing.
Length of Internship: 4 months
Requirements: Successful applicants are typically college students, college graduates, or graduate students. An editing test is given to all applicants to determine the intern's editing skills. There are no interviews - just the editing test, as editing is the main skill the interns use for this job. Mature editing ability is required, as you will receive the full editing credit for the books you work on, so you should not leave any errors behind after you proofread a project. You need to have a somewhat recent version of Microsoft Word and you have to know how to use Track Changes and other basic editing functions.
Location: Remote
Application Due Date: Open
Payment: Volunteer
How To Apply For This Internship: Email your resume to You will receive an email with the editing test on the same day. You can take your time with this test, and email it back whenever you are ready.
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